My First Mariners Game!

Exciting news! I finally made it my first Mariners game! In NYC that is… I may have still not stepped foot in Safeco Field, but I still saw them play. That has to count for something.. right?! The Yankees vs. Mariners marked my 5th game here at Yankee Stadium. The joke with my friends is that the real reason I go to the Yankees games is because of their garlic cheesy fries.. which is absolutely true. I have a new menu item to add to my list of grubbin’ stadium food though. Carvel ice cream! Usually the kids are the ones eating ice cream out of their mini Yankees helmet bowl, but I decided you’re never too old for ice cream. Am I right, or am I right? Having ice cream in a Yankees helmet is kind of a childhood past time for native New Yorkers, so of course I had to document my first!

The fun didn’t stop at the stadium though.. I packed the helmet home and it turns out it fits little Scooter quite perfectly! Maybe he has a career in baseball ;-)