Muffin Time

After a long and busy week of work, all I wanted to do this weekend was relax. No adventures for this weekend… just a nice weekend of home time and quality time with my muffin. 

Now that the 100 degree weather and humidity have subsided, we got to take advantage of the cooler weather (mid 80’s) and walk around the neighborhood. During the week, I often walk the same route on my way home and on the weekends I love changing it up and walking down different streets.

Most of the buildings are pretty similar looking, but it’s always fun when you find a hidden gem! Since there isn’t much natural beauty to take in, besides the parks, I’ve turned to the buildings and have many favorites in the area. It’s definitely not the beautiful mountains and greenery or the pacific northwest, but it’s its own sense of beauty.

Here’s one last picture of the weenie dog to wrap up this post. Thought it was cute :)