Subway Mixing :: Chip Don't Go

As you know.. I’m an avid Oregon Ducks football fan and love to plug them whenever I get a chance, and that time is now! In case you aren’t as big of a college football junkie as me, my Ducks went to the Fiesta Bowl this year and rumors were swirling all over the place that it would probably be our head coach’s, Chip Kelly, last game with us before leaving for the NFL. When you’re good in college, the pros want you and let’s be honest, Chip is the man. 

Before making his final decision, Mat Kearney (who is fantastic) wrote a song dedicated to good old Chip. I’d like credit it with having some influence on him too since after Chip decided to stay, Mat posted a photo of him and Chip with the caption “Chip didn’t go”. 2 weeks later I still can’t get enough so I had to share!

Even after 3 interviews with NFL teams, Chip decided he wasn’t ready to leave the U of O after all. (Thanks Uncle Phil!) Yayyy! BREAKING NEWS: I think I may have jinxed us.. As soon as I posted this blog, news broke the next afternoon that Chip may have indeed decided to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles. :( Regardless, it’s still an awesome song.

Dose of my “Subway Mixing” Playlist

Today’s preview, Mat Kearney- “Chip Don’t Go”