Mama Duck Came...

I’ve been very excited to share with you all about my mom’s visit to NYC, and now that I have the pictures I can do just that!

Day 0: I’m going to call this day zero because my mom didn’t get into the airport until 11:30 and then actually midnight because the flight was delayed a little. Day 0 was a longggg day! Mostly, because I was so excited for my mom’s arrival all day and all night! I headed toward Newark airport around 9 from my apartment. After my moms last trip to New York we swore we wouldn’t fly through Newark again, but when the fare was half as much we couldn’t really say no. Besides, this time around I’m a little more seasoned to getting there.

I had an interesting train ride to the airport next to a strange fellow named Vinny from Trenton, NJ. From Penn station to the airport, Vinny gave me his life story and his next venture of the “Lollipop Girls” musical.. along with what he ate for breakfast the day before, the funeral he was going to for the weekend, and his brother’s dog’s name. I’ve always been a magnet for interesting people, and that magnet came along with me to New York. Needless to say, I was thrilled to get off the train and into the airport to wait at the gate for my mom! I ended up arriving just before 11:20 thinking I nailed the timing perfect! The arrivals told me otherwise, and I had to wait another half an hour. A half an hour can seem like a long time when you are so excited!

Midnight rolled around though and soon enough my Mama Duck was headed in my direction! WOH HOHHHHH! After a little of the excitement wore down we realized just how hungry we were and dodged toward the train and back to Penn station to grab a slice of pizza! From there, I hailed us a cab and we headed back to the Upper East Side. It was a much nicer and normal cab drive this trip than the crazy cab driver we had from the airport my mom’s last trip (Hence, why we took the train to the city then got a cab this time).

4 flights of stairs later, Scootie was waiting by the door to greet his Grandma and welcome her back! I showed my mom some of the newest additions and painted walls to my apartment and then we were off to bed around 2 a.m. after a long day of anticipation on my side, and a long day of travel on my mom’s side.

Don’t worry, I gave my mom my comfy bed in my cave of a bedroom too so that she could get some good rest on her vacation :)