Mama Duck is Coming to NYC

My little world is back to normal in the city. My condolences go out to all of those that lost loved ones, property, or are still dealing with the effects of the storm. 

In the city, the MTA, trains and buses are up and back to running normal. The only thing that was out of the ordinary for me this week is that 7/11 still isn’t getting their shipments and they haven’t had egg mcmuffins in the morning. 

Now my world has shifted to preparing for Mama Duck’s arrival on Thursday night! I’m SO excited I can hardly contain myself. I’m even doing a good job of keeping my room clean! Anyone who has lived with me knows my weakness of keeping my room clean… but it’s clean! Next, laundry and cleaning the rest of the apartment so it is all ready for her arrival. Even little Scootie is getting a bath! Finally laying out our schedule.. I’ve got a list of everywhere I want to go so now I just need to pick some days so that we can fit everything in. 

Very very excited!

Anna OsgoodbyComment