Jury Duty, It's Time to Say Goodbye for at Least 6 Years

I got excused from jury duty!!!! Boom baby, thank goodness! I got summoned earlier this summer and have been dreading it ever since, but I ended up only having to serve one day before being excused with my letter good for 6 years!

They say that the summons are random, but can you explain how my roommate and I both got summons within the same month? There is no amount of coincidence that could make that “random” act happen. Anyone a statistician?! I’d love to know the odds! ;-) 

It wasn’t all terrible though. I learned that there are a million different courthouses downtown. Thank you Chris for being my tour guide and getting me to the right place. I also got to take a trip back in time and learn that in medieval times, one of the methods for finding out if people were guilty of crimes was to throw them bound in water. If they floated they were guilty and if they sank, they were not-guilty. Thank you video made in no earlier than the 1980’s for the re-enactment and Diane Sawyer flashback.

I must admit sitting in the jury room, being told how wonderful our court systems are in America was also a little hard to swallow though after the result of the George Zimmerman case was ruled just a few days before. Regardless of the flaws in the system, it was still interesting to understand a little bit more about why we have jury duty in our country.

Plus, the New York courts allow you to use Internet in the jury room so I didn’t miss out on a day’s worth of work. So they are doing their best to be accommodating. We also got an hour and a half lunch, which was pretty sweet since I usually don’t leave my desk for lunch.

New Wendy’s pretzel burger anyone?

You know I couldn’t resist… 

And that was that! I came back from lunch, sat in the room for another two hours and then we got the call that the rest of us were being dismissed. Thank you for marking that potential stress on my life off the list for this month!