I'm Outta Here!

83rd and York.. We’ve had a good run, but the time has come to say PEACE OUT! This weekend I finished up packing my things, painted the walls back white (a dreadful experience) and headed out west! Okay, well I suppose just a few avenues west, but still ;-)

Get a load at that mess… Moving in the city is quite the experience, but thankfully I couldn’t have had better help! I was kind of in panic mode all last week because of some unforeseen changes, but everything ended up working out just fine. Thank goodness for my boss’ husband who offered to drive the UHaul and the crew of 5 guys he recruited to help!

They made the process as painless as possible and we were finished in 3.5 hours! Success! Since then I’ve been working on unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking. I still have a lot of work to do before you get some after photos, but here’s a look at some pics of the apt when it was empty!

This is the living room and then to the left is the bedroom

bedroom looking into living room

another living room looking into bedroom. Notice my shiny floors they just polished!

Here’s closet #3 and my front door

kitchen shot

living room into kitchen and then bathroom behind that!

I’ll have some more pics for you all this weekend after I get some more work done and get my Internet installed!