If I Won the Mega Millions Jackpot...

At some point or another, we’ve all wished that we would win the lottery and with the current 500 million dollar jackpot lotto fever is taking over the country. Myself included. 

Living in a city that is ranked #1 most expensive city to live in year after year, money is always at the tip of people’s tongues. How much money some have.. how much things cost.. and how to save it. I like to think I haven’t gotten too sucked into the egotistical side of NYC. Money, money, money. It makes the world go around, and it definitely rules this city.

So how would this self-proclaimed down-to-earth country grown girl use the winnings of a 500 million dollar jackpot if I won? Obviously things would be a litttleeee bit about money if I won so here is what I’m thinking if I win tomorrow night.

  1. Pay off my student loans. Luckily, my debt sounds really small next to 500 million!
  2. Pay off my parents’ houses, car loans, etc.
  3. Donate money to the Enumclaw School District, Save the Music Foundation, Invisible Children Foundation, Save the Internet, Literary Arts, and Big Brothers Big Sisters Club to name a few 
  4. Buy my mom a Corvette. I have always told her I’d buy her one if I ever make it big
  5. Fly my whole family out to NYC
  6. I would buy a two bedroom apartment in the city: What a relief it would be to not have to pay rent each month! I don’t need anything SUPER fancy.. but fancy in NYC is having a dishwasher and in a 2 bdr around 1.2 million I could probably score a washer and dryer. Plus, guest room for visits! I would really like a building with a rooftop and view… because I love views from rooftop bars so having it in my apt wouldn’t be so bad right?
  7. Buy a condo in Seattle. 
  8. Buy my mom a vaca house in Sag Harbor, NY
  9. Travel: This would be the biggest thing I would be excited about. I thought about getting my own plane, but if I had that much money.. ticket prices wouldn’t be a big concern. Decide to go home on a whim on a Saturday afternoon? No problem.
  10. Take Faithidoo on a Disney cruise. She’s always wanted to go on one!
  11. Go to Italy with Chris and eat, eat, eatttttt!
  12. Visit Angie in New Zealand!

What would you do if you won..?