If All Else Fails, Career of Breaking into Apartments?

Yes, the title really does say it all. 

Our neighbors downstairs moved out earlier in the week and my roommate and I were curious to get inside and see what it was like. New York has many strange things about moving into apartments and one of them is you have to have the top lock in your apartment installed. The entrance of our apartment is often covered with business cards for locksmiths for this reason. Anyways, when the neighbors moved out they took their lock leaving a circle hole about an inch wide open. 

Darcy and I being nosey, we had taken a peak through the hole and noticed their floors had been redone! If you know one thing about me and our apartment it is that I despise our floors. I can live with the small room, small closet, and even without a dishwasher, but our floors are very sad. We’ve asked, and gotten as close to begging on one knee to our management company to have them refinished or redone, but haven’t had any success. So when we peaked in and noticed their floors that looked beautiful we knew we had to get inside! 

We ended up passing out Super later that evening and asked him about the apartment and found out it had already been rented. DANG IT! Even worse was it was being rented for $2,300, which is only $50 more than ours. So at that point we knew we couldn’t ask to be shown the apartment.. but instead went to our own devices. 

It ended up not being as rebellious as it sounds because the door was unlocked, but it makes for a better story without that detail right? Haha. In hindsight the only thing that was accomplished by looking at the apartment was mere jealously. The apartment was the same layout as ours with the same sized bedrooms and living room but they lucked out in a few big ways. 1.) Their hardwood floors are SO much nicer than ours    

2.) The kitchen floor was linoleum 3.) The kitchen had been completely redone with all new cupboards, and even a dishwasher! THEY HAVE A DISHWASHER!!!

4.) They have exposed brick in their living room, and  

5.) Their bathroom is bigger than ours. 

Aw, New York apartment jealously.. it happens. Especially because to live in New York in a good neighborhood at a price you can still afford to eat (although the amount still doesn’t make it any less painful to write a check for) is well tough! You give up a lot of overlooked luxuries of anywhere else for the real estate. Finding, getting approved and moving in is even a battle with most apartments only being on the market for a few days. It’s a battle, but just to have found an apartment in a nice area, with a great roommate and little wiener dog is a blessing. So, for that I appreciate our apartment.

That won’t stop me from being forever envious of their floors just one level down though..