I Love Slurpees and They Love Me Back

In case you didn’t know this about me… I LOVE slurpees! All the way back from the days when I used to ride my bike to Circle K in the claw to college when sour bright crawlers and slurpees were a weekend essential. And when I say I love slurpees, I’m talking year-round. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. These isn’t a day of the year that drinking one can’t make your day better.

After understanding my love, you can understand why I am so excited that the social media team at Slurpee sent me 4 free coupons for them! Ohh yeahhh! I talked with their social media team about a month ago about how much I loved them and they offered to send me some free coupons.

Totally awesome right?! Working in social media myself, I really respect a well-oiled customer service team going out of their way to make customers feel valued. 7-Eleven, you guys are doing it right. You have a slurpee customer for life here.