I have some news I’m pretty excited about to share with everyone! Recently, I found out about a volunteer organization in the city called New York Cares that works with over 300 different organizations and over 1,000 different projects around the city. Basically, they work directly with different charities and organizations to find where their highest needs for volunteers are and then make the projects available to New York Cares members. It’s a pretty unique approach because they post all of the different projects online and based upon your availability you can register into the events online. 

Getting involved in volunteering has been something I’ve been wanting to become more involved with over the course of the last year, and now that I am only working one job right now I have a little bit more free time to share with others. What I really like about the program is the variety of different activities you can get involved with from literacy events, serving at soup kitchens, tutoring, career development, caring for abused animals, and park restoration to name a few. The program allows volunteers like myself to be able to get involved in a number of different charities around the city, which I find pretty unique. One week I can read to children in transitional homes and the next week visit different senior homes for their weekly events. 

I completed my orientation over the last week and am really excited to get involved! I look forward to sharing my future experiences with you all especially as the holidays and increased time of need for others is upon us.