I have some devastating news… I have learned that the NY Cash Cab is not what it appears. This is pretty sad news since every time I hop in a cab my fingers are crossed that it will be the cash cab and my chance to showcase my smarts will pay off, literally. Unfortunately, I’ve come to find out hopping in the cash cab isn’t really even possible. I’d heard a couple of accounts that it wasn’t real and tried ignoring them, but the reality has set in. 

Apparently, the show is set-up and they cast for the show. I guess they don’t think the average New Yorker makes for good tv. Besides casting, sometimes people from the show will scout out people in bars and then instruct them where to go to wait for the cab. Not only that, but the red-light challenges aren’t always what they seem and the cash they hand out at the end isn’t real. Isn’t that the point of the “cash” cab! Instead the winners are mailed a check. It’s all a very sad reality.. I mean, I get it. They don’t want creepers being picked up by the cab and of course they don’t want him to get robbed, but the casting aspect is very disappointing. The only thing sacred left about the show is sometimes the people who are chosen for the show don’t actually know what show it is for. They are just told to wait for a cab, which then ends up being the cash cab. So there is still a little excitement left. No excitement left for me though. Bummer.