Hunter Rain Boots

Until moving to New York, I wasn’t aware that rain boots were actually trendy. Leave it to New York to make that happen though. Personally, I’m more of a functionality-meets-what-I-think-is-awesome styled kind of girl than the girl who has to have the latest trend. The exception in this case comes from my boss who got me some Hunter rain boots for Christmas after my poor Oregon ducks rain boots bit the dust.

On days like today, 100% chance of rain, I’m feeling right at home though and these “trendy” bad boys come in handy. Regardless of if they are “in” or not, they are pretty well-made boots. Going up to your knee, they are a little hard to get off but they do the job of keeping my feet dry! So I have officially joined the army of women in New York stomping the city in Hunters, all while keeping you informed of the latest rain boot trends!