How to Survive a NY Winter

It’s my 4th winter in NYC, and proving to be one of the worst - weather wise. Between the negative wind chills and getting dumped on by snow week after week, the only thing missing from this arctic tundra are penguins! I’m totally going after the groundhog…

Anyways, I’m a NW girl and while we have rain figured out over there, I’m not used to dealing with all of this fluffy white stuff on such a regular basis. So here’s a look at the things that I’ve found essential to making it through into spring!

We’ll start with a few of the more obvious things…

Obvious but so necessary! Do yourself a favor and get a puffy coat. I didn’t realize how necessary this purchase was until my second winter, but it is. Bonus tip, you can score nice ones on a budget at discount stores like Century 21, Marshalls and TJ Maxx!

Next up, a good pair of boots. This is SO essential. More than keeping you feet warm, they’re going to get you through the snow and worse, the slush and frozen puddles. See, the snow in the city is pretty for about a few hours. See here… Pretty!

and then the foot and car traffic turn it into a big slurpee… Yucky!

For this reason, you’re going to need a good boot! No skimping on this one. Here’s a little tip too, don’t wait until peak season to buy a pair! There has literally been a snow boot shortage this season and they become almost impossible to find.

Next up, the accessories…

Let’s talk gloves. When you’re waiting outside in the single-digit temps either waiting for the bus or walking to the subway you’re going to want tech-friendly gloves! Taking your gloves off to change the song playing or read an email is not an option! 

The next is one of my favorites… fleece lined tights! Okay, so I’m a dress kind of girl. Year-round you’re going to find me in skirts and dresses way more than jeans, so these fleece-lined tights are about the best things ever. Super comfy, and warm! 

And finally, A knitted headband. Now, this one depends on the weather. If you’re into the single-digits then skip the headband and go with a hat. For the 20’s-30’s though, these guys are the best. They keep your ears warm, don’t give you hat hair, and keep your hair from blowing around in the wind. That’s another thing.. It’s not the cold that gets you, it’s the wind — which in case you didn’t know it’s windy here! That’s another blog post though. 

The only other thing you’re missing is a good warm scarf and you’re ready to go! You may have to peal off 5 layers when you actually make it to the office or wherever you’re headed, but it’s worth it. Style goes right out the door in this city as soon as the temps drop below 50! Enter at your own risk ;-)