Happy Thanksgiving...A Couple Weeks Late!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year! Since my computer has been out of commission, I’m a little late on this post! So, happy belated Thanksgiving!

After spending last Thanksgiving alone with Scootie at my apartment, I was happy to take up an invite to Chris’ family dinner this year. I did have a nice time last year, and I must say I cooked a dang good turkey, but I don’t think I want to spend another one alone again. So many thanks to the Felicetta’s for letting me be a part of the family for the day!

Of course I didn’t want to come empty handed so Chris and I headed to the kitchen. After our cake-pops incident over Easter I think Chris was a little apprehensive about heading back to the kitchen, but everything turned out well and there were no-lates of panicking over melted chocolate. Progress! I also made sure that Chris was not involved in any egg-cracking for the recipes, since the last time I let him crack an egg for cookies the cookies each had a special gift of egg-shell in them!

We decided to make two dessert recipes. One, pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting, and two, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.

Walah! Desserts made! I included the recipes above (linked to names) if you are interested in trying either of them. I must say, they were delicious! On Thanksgiving we headed out to Long Island to the Felicetta home and I enjoyed my first Italian Thanksgiving! It was one of the largest Thanksgivings I have been to. Chris is one of 4 boys, and all of the girlfriends came along for dinner, along with everyone else in his family! It was a really wonderful day filled with great food, people and lots of football!

Oh, and I didn’t forget about Scootie! I bought him a doggie turkey treat to celebrate! So happy Thanksgiving from the big apple! Even the Empire State Building was in the holiday mood :)