Happy last day of 2010!!!! Hope everyone had wonderful holidays. To all of you amazing people that sent me Christmas gifts THANK YOU sooo much!! I absolutely loved everything and I just mailed my thank you cards today! I was a good girl too and waited to open everything until Christmas :)

I will be spending the last day of the year by staying as far away from Times Square as possible!! It’s only the afternoon and people have already been lined up outside for hours! It’s funny, because everyone from the west coast has been asking me if I’m going there, but I don’t know a single person who actually lives here that will be spending time down there. If you ask just about any New Yorker on the street if they’re going to Times Square they will laugh. It’s not exactly a place that regulars hang out. The tradition is still cool, but I think I am just as happy watching the ball drop on tv than being caustrophobic and piled into the square.

This New Year’s Eve I will be heading to TJ Whitneys where Chris’ friend is throwing a New Year’s party. We scored with a $65 entrance/open bar fee compared to the some $300 parties that are going on in the city tonight. On the west coast spending $65 to spend the evening in a bar sounds pretty crazy to me, but it’s the deal of the century for New York, especially on New Years!

I need to head out to grab some pizza and get ready, but I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve and cheers to 2011!!