Go Yankees?

I’ve experienced a lot of “firsts” since living in the city. All adding another memory, taste or vision into my life. Living somewhere unfamiliar has only pushed me to try more things for a first time to try and benefit the most from my stay in the city. This weekend was no exception for adding another first to my list.

This week it was a 4 train ride up to Yankee Stadium! Not only was it my first trip to the Bronx or the stadium, but also my first baseball game ever! Yes, I am disappointed to admit that I never made it to a Mariners game in Seattle after all of my years in the Northwest. I’m not sure how Mariners games are, but from my experience at the stadium and with Yankees fans they are die-hards! I’ve never really been much into baseball in general, but maybe this is the year I’ll start? I don’t think I could have had a better first baseball game! 

Since the city has multiple teams for each sport there is generally a pattern of who is fans of what. For example.. if you are a Jets football fan, then Mets are your baseball team. Opposite of if you like the Giants, then you’re a Yankees fan. I haven’t met anyone while living here that goes against this “rule” unless they support a different team, usually from their hometown. More than not this rule is pretty standard. I’m not much for following the rules though, and since I’m not a native New Yorker I think it’s okay to break out of the mold. So, although I rooted for and repped Jets gear during football season, I’m trying out the Yankees for baseball season. Oh yes, I said it. who knows, if that doesn’t work out so well this year maybe I’ll try out the Giants and Mets next year? We’ll just have to wait and see!

As I said before I’ve never been a huge baseball fan, but while I’m trying out I will say that I am a HUGE fan of baseball food. I’m all about getting the full experience when I try new things so you can bet I didn’t skip out on any of the goodies at the game. Garlic cheese fries, check, hotdog, check, and you know I also had to get the cotton candy, double check! Mmm, I wouldn’t mind just going back to munch on the food!

The game really was a lot of fun though. We lucked out with a sunny, but a little windy, spring day instead of the snow we got the day before! The boys made it a really good time and I can even say I learned a little about the game and players. This could be the start of something beautiful, we will see!