Girls Weekend

Last weekend was a girls weekend and a celebration of my roommates new job with Food & Wine and Travel & Leisure Magazines! She started her position about two weeks ago, but we had to delay the celebration so that more of the girls could come out!


Friday night we decided to take advantage of the one nice evening we’ve had in a while and headed downtown to Rare View Chelsea. Rare View is a rooftop bar (you know I can’t get enough) at the Hilton. It was a low-key atmosphere with, as expected, beautiful views! It was pretty cool too because it was close enough to the Empire State Building that you could see the flashes from cameras at the observation deck. The bar was also pretty cool because it had a lot of seating that wrapped around the whole perimeter. Most of it is enclosed with glass too so you didn’t have to worry about getting cold up there. I’m not sure if it is more of a Happy Hour location or if we just hit an off night, but it never got too crowded, which was kind of nice for a change. The drinks were reasonable and it was a nice evening to actually be able to sit down, have nice conversation and enjoy the view. 


For our second night of celebrating we headed down to the Lower East Side to Ella Lounge. The Ella Lounge was quite the opposite of Rare View in that it is a pretty small place, and it was packed the entire night we were there. The Ella Lounge’s decor is inspired from the 20’s and 30’s and did a good job of portraying old Hollywood glamour. The bartenders were dressed appropriately in old-school proper outfits as well. The Ella is known for having great music, either live or with a dj. We caught the lounge on an off night for live music, but the dj did live up to our expectations. They are also known for their specialty cocktails. I didn’t try one this time, but if I were to go again I would have to try whatever cocktail they scooped watermelon into. Definitely looked interesting!

All and all it was a nice weekend with the girls and we finally got to celebrate Darcy’s latest accomplishment!