Froyo for the Brave

Saturday was another great example of the unpredictable Spring weather that is New York. I know that Spring is usually full of transition and rain, but this has been different. I was telling my friends that at least in the winter you wake up knowing it’s going to be freezing each day. It was pretty consistent. The Spring is strange though because unless you monitor the weather hourly you really don’t know what to expect! Saturday shed light on the darker and much rainier side.

Which, was kind of a bummer because since the city is a commuter city. Stormy weather isn’t very inviting for wanting to go out.. so instead of a night on the town we settled for a wild trip to 16 Handles where we are officially loyal customers. 

The rain was pelting pretty hard, with the wind blowing in all different directions which surely killed quite a few of people’s umbrellas (See example above!) Growing up in the Northwest we know how to handle the rain and when umbrellas do more harm than help. They joke in Oregon that no one uses umbrellas because they have webbed feet. While, I don’t think any amount of rain makes you keen on it I certainly notice myself and Darcy (Florida native) are much better troopers than our boys from New York and Georgia. 

By the time we made it to Froyo we were all pretty soaked. One thing that I realized is kind of ridiculous is that I don’t actually own a single rain coat. I’ve lived in WA and OR for my life and don’t have a rain coat?! Yes, it’s true. Don’t ask me why. Being inside warmth and around the heavenly goodness that is 16 Handles can turn any mood around though. We all indulged generously. I must confess I got the most Froyo I’ve ever gotten before.. Normally my cups cost around $4.50 or $5, but this cup was almost $7! Opps, when I said generously I wasn’t kidding!