For the rest of the girls’ stay they were mostly on their own to adventure because I had to work during the week, but there were a couple of things that we still squeezed in after work hours. A visit to Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate on Tuesday and their last dinner in the city on Wednesday at Tao!

When Lindsey first got to the city she asked me if I had any favorite places in the city yet, and although I listed a couple of places I didn’t really have a straight answer. I feel like there is so much of the city I haven’t explored yet, but during their trip I did realize there are plenty of things in the city that I’ve done or been to on multiple occasions. So, I guess I do have some favorites after all. One of those being Serendipity! The food can be a little pricey for what it is (in my opinion) but dessert is always worth it there. They are famous for their frozen hot chocolate and I simply can’t get enough of it! So I am definitely glad I got to take Lindsey down there during her stay.

The girls had planned to go see the Lion King on Broadway on Wednesday night (their last night before their flight Thursday morning) so we planned to go out for their last dinner. Chris is the king of food recommendations so after a couple of his ideas we decided to make reservations for Tao. He has yet to disappoint on the food recommendations I’ll give him that! Tao is down on 58th street between Park and Madison and is a really nice modern take on Chinese food. The place was huge! I’m still trying to figure out how the interior worked exactly. It’s definitely not an every night kind of place since the entrees are about $30 a pop, but it was worth every penny. Lindsey and I split an order of orange chicken and pad thai and I wasn’t disappointed. The atmosphere was pretty awesome too with an upstairs that overlooked their huge Buddha statue (maybe 20 ft tall?). It was huge! It was a really nice meal to end what was a really great visit with the girls! I’m so glad they got to visit and had such a great time :)