Final Day

The final day of the Osgoodby chicks trip came down on Christmas! We still had a little bit of exploring to do before I could send them back to the west coast.

First, we started out the day by heading to mass at St. Monica’s on the Upper East Side. The reason for the season! It was a small, but nice service and the church was absolutely beautiful. I love old churches.. as I’ve mentioned before. One thing I am pretty old school about is the prayer candles. This, as others, church had replaced them with lights you flick on. I know the meaning is the same, and it is probably a safer option for the church, but it’s not the same flicking on a light instead of lighting a prayer candle. Symbolism is the same, but call me old fashioned on this one.

After we finished mass we headed back to my apartment for some food and we took Scooter on his last walk down by the river and in the park of my family’s visit. From there we got everything packed up and ready to go before heading down to get a close up look at the famous store fronts, the Plaza Hotel and Central Park South. All of which I thought would be a good way to conclude their trip of site-seeing.

New York is known for their incredible holiday display windows off of 57th street. Bergdorf Goodman is one of the most notable that didn’t fail to impress. Of course because it was Christmas none of the stores were open, but the streets and sidewalks were still full of spectators. Next we took a peak into the Plaza Hotel, which is always fun to take a look through. Their Christmas tree was pretty beautiful too!

Finally we headed into Central Park South. The great thing about Central Park is because it is so huge there is different perspectives at all angles. Central Park South is usually the most populated vs the uptown areas. Despite the holiday the park was also still full of people. We made our rounds to see the ice skating rink, Balto, and the fountain and Boat House. All sites that needed to be pointed out from the various chick flicks that rank my top movie choices! 

After Central park we were back uptown to do a final round-up and then head to Penn Station to send my family off. I am glad that I made the trip to pick them up at the airport, because I was a pro when it came to getting them back there! 

It was such a fun trip and I’m so glad I got to spend some quality time with my Mama Duck. Hopefully New York made an impression on them and there will be more family visits in the future! 

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