Exciting Weekends Ahead

Today I am hiding from the outside world. It seems very obvious that this west-coaster does not deal well with temps near 100 and humidity past 70%. And it’s only June! Yikes. Air Conditioners are officially my best friends now and are actually seeing more of me than some of my friends for the mere reason I don’t want to leave inside! While inside I have a lot of things to start getting excited for though!

1.) Belmont Stakes: Now that’s what I’m talking about! When Chris first asked me if I wanted to go watch the horses race in the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park I couldn’t have said yes faster! My parents have been taking us to Emerald Downs as long as I can remember since it opened. In fact, I believe my sister and mom were there on opening day June 20, 1996! My sister’s early love for horses and the fact that my late friend Tony Lucarelli’s Dad, Frank, is a trainer kept us coming back year after year as well as their firework show. The Belmont Strakes are one of the bigger races too so it sounds like a promising weekend and a good excuse to wear a cute summer dress!

2.) Work trip to Portland: Yes! You heard right, I’m coming to the west coast for a quick work trip. Too quick that unfortunately I’m not going to be able to drive north to Washington, but hopefully that trip will come soon after. I will be flying into Portland Wednesday night (arriving at midnight) staying for Thursday, a client event on Friday and flying out on a red eye Saturday night back to New York. I’m seeing my Portland friends on Thursday night though and then Mama Duck arrives in Portland to see me on Friday and Saturday. Woh hoh! So excited. I’m also a little curious how it will feel to be back. This may sound strange, but after living in New York for 9 months now the city doesn’t even phase me much as being really big anymore. So, it will be interesting to see what it feels like to be in much smaller Portland. I can’t wait to see some mountains and more trees though! Oh and you can bet I’m saving space in my suitcase to buy some Dave’s Killer Bread!

3.) Trip to Boston: The weekend of the 24th I will be trekking to my third state on the east coast, Massachusetts! One thing that hasn’t changed since living here is my sense of east coast geography. I’m so used to having three states on the coast Washington, Oregon and California. So this whole you can go 20 minutes south and be in another state and two hours north and also be in another state is strange. Sometimes I feel like a transplanted alien over here. Especially with my friends who have lived here their whole lives. I’m known a lot for saying, “What’s that” and “We don’t have those on the west coast!” and then in return hearing, “You’ve never been to _____?! (with a confused expression.” Why, no no I haven’t been there, but you’ve never been to a Jack in the Box! Haha. P.s. after looking at a map I now realize Boston is actually northeast from New York and it appears I will also be traveling through Connecticut. Which I should also note, I originally spelt both names of those states incorrectly to reiterate my alieanness over here. Anyways, I’m really excited to visit Boston because Kathy has a work trip on the east coast and I will be exploring with her, Faithidoo, and Auntie Beth! I here Boston is fabulous and full of old churches, which I love, so I’m very excited! 

4.) Hardersen Crew in NYC: After the weekend in Boston the Hardersens will be reuniting with me in New York Wednesday afternoon to do some exploring. It is Faith and Auntie Beth’s first trip here so I’ve put together what I think it a good itinerary to show them the ropes of the city! If only one thing comes from me living in New York of me getting some of you great west-coasters to come visit here for the first time I will be content. Warning though, I’m not going to live here forever sooo if you would like to plan a trip (and stay with me and avoid expensive hotel costs start planning for the next year). I love showing newbies around especially now that I have a little better lay of the land and a couple less mix-ups on the trains! So I am very excited to have them in town all the way until the 3rd of July!

I’ve definitely got a month full of exciting weekends, but couldn’t be happier! That’s what the summer time is for too right?! Also, don’t worry about the little wiener dog because he will be in good care with Darcy and Chris for both of my trips ;)