Easter Egg Room Makeover!

Finally, I give you the big reveal of what I’ve been up to with my bedroom! As I’ve mentioned before, New York apartment living is done in pretty small quarters. 8x10 quarters to be exact, in my case. So what do you do when your bedroom doesn’t get any natural light, and is kind of a cave? Bring the sunshine inside of course! I’ve been playing with the idea of taking stripes to my wall for awhile after finding some great images on Pinterest, and I finally decided yellow stripes were the way to go. 

Besides, I’m young and decided I should probably take advantage of having obnoxious and bright colors on the walls while I still can. So that is exactly what I did. I already had a pink accent wall that I use for my “photo” wall painted, so I painted the other 3 walls with the stripes. I was hoping the horizontal lines would help make the room look a little bigger, and it seemed to help a little bit. More importantly though, was succeeding in making my room brighter. Success= what Chris has termed, my “Easter egg room”.

Here are some more detailed pics for you to check out too!

My bed is next to the window (Another one of my attempts to get more sunlight). Unfortunately straight out my window is another building so my room sits inside a little alley, which pretty much ensures I get no nature light! 

Here’s the view if you are laying in my bed. As you can see, my poor closet is about the die. It appears that I have a ton of clothes, but what this photo doesn’t show you, is I have the world’s smallest closet.  

Since my closet is over-flowing.. I had to get a little creative and start to just turn my little room into a closet. Case and point, my scarf and necklace wall! I took curtain rods and put them on the wall and then used shower hooks to loop my scarves and necklaces through. It’s not the prettiest addition to my room, but it’s functional, and that’s what I needed.

And here is a final shot of my bed with my new “fake headboard”. I just took a curtain rod and a couple of extra curtains I had lying around my apartment to create the illusion of a headboard. 

All and all, I’m pretty happy with my baby room makeover!