Dun, dun, dun.. Disneyworld Trip! Let me start by saying it was ah-mazing! Now for your peak at the magic!

Day 1: A bright an early morning at 3 o’ dark thirty! By 4 we were out the door and onto Laguardia Airport. We already checked in for our flights online so a quick stop at the self-service kiosk for our boarding passes and through security we went. Kathy had a couple of passes to the Sky Lounge with Delta so we went and hung out in there for a little while before our plane boarded. Hello, yummy yogurt and bagels! After some nutrition we were onto the plane and on our way! A couple of hours of sleep later we were landing.

Once off the plane was the next stop was Starbucks to feed Kathy’s addiction. I always poke fun at the Hardersen’s coffee addiction, but now that I have my own addiction (slurpees) I’m starting to see the bigger picture. My addiction is a little different since I technically don’t need them on a daily basis yet but that is the closest comparison I have to relate to the coffee situation. This coffee stop was a little bit different than the normal coffee stop though because it was the last Starbucks we would probably be seeing on the trip. Disneyworld, and Disney in general is more of a black coffee kind of crowd. No Grande lattes with double ice and sugar-free syrup in sight. So this coffee stop was significant. It’s like leaving onto an island where there is a chance you won’t see the possibility of a slurpee for a whole week, but even more extreme. Eek! Spoiler alert- No adults were harmed in not having their normal coffees for a week.

After Starbucks we were onto our Disney Magic bus and to our hotel, Coronado Springs. The hotel was HUGE! There was even a huge lake in the middle of all of the hotel buildings. It was nuts! No alligators on the premises either.. I checked it out. We just made a quick stop at the hotel before hopping on the bus and to Magic Kingdom! We had to get there asap because Faith and Pete were already adventuring the park and finding paintbrushes on Tom Sawyer’s Island. Something Faith read in one of her Disney books. Apparently they hide a paintbrush on Tom Sawyer’s Island every day and whoever finds it wins free fast passes to Thunder Mountain roller coaster. Pretty cool!

It was a cold, but beautiful day as we headed to the entrance of the park with Faith and Pete waiting on the other side. The Christmas Decorations were still up and they were absolutely beautiful. Disney doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to decorating. 

Surprisingly, we made it through a long day at Magic Kingdom despite the lack of sleep for all of us. When you’re at the happiest place on Earth though sleep comes secondary!