Duck to Duck!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a fellow Oregon duck online that wanted to meet up for an informational interview. I couldn’t have been more excited when I got her email because I get excited about every duck I meet in this city, first of all, and second because she wanted to get insight to how I started my career and made it to New York.

Because I jumpstarted my career by doing running start and graduating from college early I have really felt a calling to help out students close to graduation. Whether it’s advice through email, Twitter, or in person I really try to do my best to get people on their way. I have become my friends’ go-to resume editor, interview prep assistant, class schedule advisor and social media teacher. And, I enjoy every single minute of it! So you can understand why it was an honor to be contacted by someone I hadn’t met yet to lend a helping hand of advice. 

It worked out great too because I found out she was also interested in magazine journalism, which was perfect because my roommate works in the magazine world so I though we’d be a perfect team to give her some insight, especially because both of our journeys to the city were very different. 

We ended up meeting at one of our favorite places, Alice’s Tea Cup, of course!

So, not only did we engage in some great conversation and dump as much of our knowledge on our new duck friend as possible, but we also shared one of our little secret places in the city!