Driving in New York is something that is worth discussing. I’ve mentioned that the cabbies drive like maniacs, but the longer I’m here I’ve noticed everyone in this city drives pretty crazy! I can’t speak from personal experience, because I don’t have a car here, but waiting for public transportation and walking around the city I do a lot of observing.

Honking, 20 over the speed limit, U-turns in the middle of a 4 lane street, running red lights, and failing to yield. I’ve seen it all! The driving attitude here is really fend for yourself, because no one is looking out for you. Defensive driving at its finest! No one is enforcing safer driving here either. I suppose the police of New York City have better things to focus their time on.

I have friends who have explained to me they love driving in the city because it’s thrilling.. but I think I’ll catch my trills another way though, because I’m not sure I’m as aggressive as a driver as you’d have to be here. Traffic and dealing with crazy drivers isn’t really my thing. I think I’m more of a drive down the back-country roads kind of girl than city driving. So until I meet the country roads again I think I’ll stick to my monthly unlimited MetroCard and try not to get hit by the cars!

Anna OsgoodbyComment