Dear, Mr. President

What do you do when the Federal Government College Loan Department won’t respond to you about an error they made? Well, first you try and solve the problem nicely via calls and emails to their customer service department. After the 3rd unanswered email, and hours of your mom’s time wasted on the phone though, it’s time to go straight to all of their managers.

Listen up Mr. President! Help a registered voter out! I may not be able to attend your $12,000 a seat campaign fundraising dinners yet, but here’s a cry from help from the generation of the future.

Who knew that you could still have so many issues by paying your bills in full and on-time each month. First I’m taking Twitter and then I’m moving on to a letter to Mr.Obama. I’m starting a movement, and I’m in PR and social media so I know the true meaning of persistance and not taking no for an answer. Watch out world!