Day 6: Our final day in Florida was spent at Epcot! As the trip Epcot and Magic Kingdom definitely stood out as my favorites. For those of you who haven’t been to Epcot it is really unique because it’s set up with a world showcase of 11 different countries. So in essence you take a trip around the world during the day to Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, colonial U.S., Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada.

We started our day at Epcot with lunch reservations at Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada. Man oh man, is all I can say! It was our last meal with our Disney meal plan and since they are known for their steaks, it was inevitable to order my second steak on the trip. I did not choose wrong either! Their New York steak was perfectly seasoned, tender, and mmm mm good! Back to my plan to learn to make good steak this summer? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. For dessert I ordered the chocolate mousse and it was too funny because it was presented looking like a moose! Too funny! 

Once our stomachs were full we started on through the world showcase. Again, thank God for the best tour guides. I learned that everyone that works in each country has to be from that country to maintain its authenticity. Each country has restaurants, attractions and tons of gift stores where you can buy goods from the countries. I may have not been to any of the countries presented in real-life but I did feel like I got a bit of each’s culture throughout the park which was pretty remarkable. 

China stood out because of these children that performed. That were incredible! They did acrobatic performances and things with their bodies that blew my mind. Japan had some cool drum performers and Morocco had some great entertainment too. The colonial U.S. was good to me too because of their “American Dream” slurpee drink. Part blue raspberry and cherry slurpee, and part ice cream! I’m not sure who thought of it, but it indeed was the “American Dream”. 

We continued our travels throughout the rest of the park and then onto The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavillion. There we got to go to Crush’s Turtle Talk and then adventure through the aquariums! Disney you did me good. Disney magic, part zoo, part aquarium?! Ah-mazing for sure! They had some manatees in the aquarium too, which I’ve never seen in real life so that was extra awesome!

Once we wrapped up Nemo and Friends we headed to Mexico to stake out a place for their firework show. We ended up finding a table on the water in Mexico and rotated eating to keep our table for a couple of hours before the show started. Our seats were great though and the show was definitely a highlight of the trip. I’ve never seen anything like their show! Fireworks from boats in the lake, fireworks shooting from the countries back to the lake, and the rotating Earth that has a movie reflected on it. It was crazy and so worth saving our place to see it! Wow, is really all I can say!

We wrapped the night up with a final shopping trip and then back to the hotel for some final packing and a couple hours of sleep before an early wake-up call to head back to the airport.

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