Day 5

Christmas Eve and day 5 of my family’s trip in the big apple! We slept in a little bit that morning as well and then my Mom and I decided to head to the Upper West Side and off to the American Museum of Natural History. I was really excited to check out the museum with my mom because I hadn’t had a chance to go check it out yet since moving.

A little secret to travelers too- most of the museums in the city are based on “suggested donation.” Meaning, that is the amount they suggest for upkeep, research, and other museum costs but it is not actually a set fee. It is kind of a little secret though because if you go up to the cashier they will not openly share that info.

The museum was everything and more that I expected! It is HUGE! Way bigger than even I expected. We spent a good amount of the day making our way through all of the exhibits, but I will definitely be returning again to spent more in-depth time there because it was absolutely amazing! Definitely my favorite museum in the city so far. 

Once we made our way through the museum we walked into Central Park west. The park was pretty quite, with the lake frozen, but beautiful nonetheless. 

After the park we were headed crosstown back to the Upper East Side to head over to Darcy’s family’s hotel to visit before heading out to Tony’s for a dual family dinner! 

It was a really nice evening spending it with both of our families and Tony’s italian didn’t fail to impress. I can’t say I’ve had bad italian food in this city though!