Day 4: Faith and I were alone in the big world for day 4! We spent the morning sleeping in again (we need our beauty rest!) Then we headed to the concierge building at our hotel to find some breakfast. Breakfast burritos and french toast do the body good! We took a little detour to the arcade building to race Nascar before heading back to our hotel room to grab our metallic mickey ears and hop back on the bus to Animal Kingdom.

Day 2 main goals at the park were 1.) take some more rides on Expedition Everest 2.) Rafiki’s Planet Watch 3.) watch the parade. All of which ended up being successes! We saw some pretty cool things at Rafiki’s planet watch including some pretty awesome frogs, aw I still have a soft spot for froggy friends. We checked out some of the things Disney is doing to be sustainable and save animals and a little behind the scenes of how they take care of the animals. 

Another cool part about the day was the parade! Personally, I love parades and dancing Chip and Dale is enough to make your day on its own, trust me! There were some people that were a little restless by the time the parade rolled around though. Apparently, some kids are unaware that Disney is the happiest place on the Earth and the one and only rule is no crying! By the time the parade rolled around there were plenty of children that needed to leave the park. Lucky for us, we had extra magic hours for the night! When you stay at Disney resorts you get to stay at the parks after closing on certain days, which is awesome! To kick off extra magic hours Faith and I headed right to Everest. Less people, less wait= Everest perfection. Since the wait was below 10 minutes we decided it was necessary to keep going on the ride until Kathy and Pete made it there to meet us. And that is what we did. By the time they met up with us I think we were on ride 6 or 7 and we made an executive decision that we had to make it to 10. I mean riding it 8 times is cool.. but 10?! Well, it’s that much cooler! So that is what we did. It seemed like a brilliant idea and it was. That was until we got off. About half an hour after not being on the ride the side effects of death started upon us. 

We were a sad looking duo on our way from Animal Kingdom to Downtown Disney but we did survive the night. Ibuprofen with dinner definitely helped too! Besides, you have to snap out of it when there is so much shopping to be done down there! Faith had a gift card for the trip so she was a girl on a mission the whole trip. Downtown Disney was definitely a shopping destination too. Their Disney store was massive! After dinner and a little shopping we were officially toast for the night and headed back to the hotel.

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