Day 4

As the week continued everyone’s energy started to fade a little bit. I was no exception because as soon as my family got off their plane I started coming down with a bad cold.. and was feeling a little under the weather for their whole trip. 

I had to work for day 4 of their trip again, but my family slept in and then in the evening we headed out for a little shopping. First on the Upper East Side and then down to Union Square and Columbus Circle.

It was a pretty bus ride home because we passed by the store fronts that were all lit up and decorated for the holidays. It was also my roommate’s Birthday that day so we came home to celebrate her Birthday with her and her family who just flew in from Florida! So it was definitely a fun evening!

Day 5 and 6 marked days I didn’t have to work so a little more quality time before they had to return back to the west coast.

Anna OsgoodbyComment