Day 3

Day 3 started off with the alarm clocks rattling bright and early! A little after 5 to be exact. I have to admit it was definitely the earliest I’ve woken up since living here and well, the city isn’t too happening at that hour! I decided to avoid any transportation issues by taking my family down to Times Square to make sure they made it there on time. So that is what we did! Good Morning America is right down in Times Square where we were the night before so at least the area was familiar. 

After I dropped them off, I headed back home to catch a little bit of rest before working for a little while. I gave my Mom what I thought were easy directions to make it back to the Upper East Side once they were finished, but they didn’t make too much sense to them and they may have took a little detour across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn. They figured their way around though and eventually found their way back uptown.

Once they arrived back at my apartment my Mom headed off to the MET art museum while I was working.

Once my work day had wrapped up for the day we were off to another local favorite here, Shake Shack! Mmm I do love Shake Shack! Along for the meal were my roommate, Donna and Chris to meet the family. It was delicious as expected and was a good wrap up to the day.