Day 2: Day 2 started with sleeping in (we needed it!) then to park number 2, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Day 2 was also, DUCK DAY! All of us headed to the park dressed in duck gear in honor of the ducks playing in the National Championship Game. Throughout the day we threw up our O’s and also met some other ducks showing their duck pride. 

Hollywood Studios has a lot different feel than Magic Kingdom and is more focused, as you would guess, on their studios and movies. We spent a little time in their Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, which was pretty fun until it started raining! The one raining day on the trip. We found a little gift shop to stop into and escape out of the rain.

Once the rain subsided we heading to the Character drawing studios to learn how to draw one of the Disney characters. Our lesson was on Goofy. I’ve never really been that great at drawing so I wasn’t too surprised that my Goofy was a little off. It was really cool to see how all of the shapes came together into a character. In the studios there was also a bunch of different characters in there and memorabilia to look at. Hollywood Studios did a good job of giving you the history and a look at the creative side of creating the magic, which was cool to check out. 

Another cool attraction at the park was their Beauty and the Beast show! I was a huge Beauty and the Beast fan when I was a little girl so it was a lot of fun seeing the show. Chip was and still is my favorite :) Faith and I continued to sing one of the songs, “Be our Guest” the rest of the trip too so the show definitely made an impression on us.

In the afternoon we were off to two of the biggest attractions at the park, Rockin Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror. I’ve been on Tower of Terror before at California Adventure, but it was the one ride on the trip that got my stomach. It was Kathy’s favorite though so we ended up going on it twice. The second time, Kathy had a great idea of getting our elevator to throw up O’s at the top where the photo is taken. It was epic! She got our whole half of the elevator to throw up O’s to support the ducks. 

After a full day at the park we headed back to the hotel room to catch the National Championship game with Oregon vs. Auburn. It ended up being a pretty rough game to watch despite all of our good luck efforts at the park.. Auburn ended up winning in the last 2 seconds and I was pretty bummed about it. Better to be at the happiest place in the world to overcome a loss like that though right?