Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

These days it seems like every day has something dedicated to it… National Pizza Day, National Margarita Day.. The list goes on and on. Most of the time I don’t pay too close attention, because frankly some of them are kind of ridiculous. Once in a while a good one comes along though.. like National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Now there’s a day I can get behind! Lucky for me too, my boss was all about it too!

So I packed Scoots up in his little pink travel bag and we hopped on the crosstown bus!

Like I mentioned before, Scoots is kind of picky on who he wants to be friends with, but earlier this year he made friends with my coworker’s dog, Prince, who also came to the office. So needless to say the pups had a good time chasing each other and pigeons around on our patio! And by the time the afternoon rolled around the running around turned into sleeping under our desks. 

The day was a lot of fun and Scooter is starting to get better at being in his bag so that might mean more adventures for him soon!