Bring on the Spring Weather!

Admittedly, I’ve been in a little winter funk the last month or so. By the middle of February and beginning of March the frigid New York temperatures really start to get to me. Insert negativity, homesickness and lack of motivation here. Let’s just say, I don’t plan on moving anywhere with worse winters than here anytime soon. Grandma Matelich, you are a true trooper. I can truthfully say I wouldn’t last much more than a few days in a Minnesota winter.

I promise I haven’t completely been holed up in my apartment cursing the world, but winter adventures just aren’t really the same as the other three seasons! Let’s just say, the first day of Spring couldn’t come soon enough for me. Even if it’s still a mere 34 degrees out today. It’s the sign of hope.. Hope that I will soon enough be able to retire my fluffy winter coat and instead slip on my cute new pink cork wedges I snagged on sale for $13.99! Until that happens though.. I just booked another trip home (the summer is too far away) so I have something to look forward to and keep my spirits high! I will see you Mother’s Day weekend Washington!