Off to the Atlantic Ocean We Go!

Memorial Day weekend was a real scorcher for the city! It was in the high 80’s and low 90’s with humidity so thick we almost had to start swimming through the air! What to do on a very hot and humid day? Head east to the beach! So that is just what we did. We hopped on a train out to Long Island to Chris’ parents. The humidity was not nearly as bad on the island and the temperature wasn’t as bad either, which made for a comfortable day. 

With about a 10-15 minute drive from his parents we were officially at the ocean! While Oregon beaches are absolutely beautiful, I’ve never been on a beach that people actually lay out on. I always looked forward to trips to Ocean Shores in Washington with my Dad growing up, but back then I was more excited about finding sea shells and flying kites. Sometimes we’d get lucky at the beach with sunshine, but I really can’t remember a trip that was really that warm to just lay out on the beach in the sun or actually want to swim in the ocean. The Atlantic ocean promised just that so I was excited to try out the experience. The beach was pretty crowded. I can’t even imagine how it is in the dead of summer! They even have the lifeguard booths like photos I’ve seen in California! While the weather was still pretty mild, everyone was out in their bikinis! There were quite a few people in the water too even though it is still pretty cold!

I stayed out of the water for this trip, but enjoyed the time catching some sun rays and burying my feet in the sand!

There was even a sand comber walking the beach! I think it was the first time I’ve seen one outside of an infomercial. 

It was a really great time! Definitely a different experience than the beaches I’ve visited on the west coast. I’d definitely say the west coast experience is a lot more serene, and east coast. Young and crowded! Advertisers don’t lose the opportunity to hit up beach-goers either! They have little planes flying around with banners for different products and services. 

After spending the day at the beach we headed back to Bellport and Chris’ parents made us a great BBQ! Aw, sweet summertime! Later in the evening we headed north to Port Jefferson on the other side of the island. Unfortunately as soon as I got there I started to feel a tough of sun sickness coming on that left me not much fun for the evening.. Port Jeff was such a cute little town though! We went to a couple of bars with Chris’ cousin and friends and heard some great music! There was a great Billy Joel cover band at one of the bars. The boys informed me I was getting the true “Long Island experience” with Billy Joel, a Long Island native. I’d definitely love to go back to Port Jeff when I’m not feeling so sick and do a little exploring in the shops. 

I’d say it was a nice visit to the island and a great first trip, of many I’m sure, to the beach!