After work tonight my friend and I had to take a little stop on the way home to pick up some prints on the way home. It’s remarkable to me the amount of diversity that is within a couple blocks of our office. Something I really love is just walking around the city blocks and taking in the views. After we picked up the prints, we needed to hop on the subway uptown, but decided to walk to Grand Central and catch the train there. I went to Grand Central the first time I visited New York, but besides the stop we make on the 6 train every day I haven’t been out in the building since living here. 

Pictures really don’t do it justice of how beautiful it is! You can get a sneak peak from my pics from my phone above though. My friend only lives a couple of blocks from me, but gets off at the stop before mine so I’ve been exploring a bit and taking her stop. My reason for the change also might have to do with the fact that there is a pet store right by it. We’ve made this part of our routine to go look at the puppies in the window this week. Today, there were the cutest little baby long-haired dachshunds in the window. Little baby Scooters! They were too cute! 

Well, I am off to finish up some things for the night and then Fridayyyy tomorrow!

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