Adding a Splash of Color

While I was living without a laptop I had to think of things to keep myself busy in the evenings and one of them was doing a little painting! We decided we needed to add a little color to our living room to spice it up a little. 

So, Darcy and I ran to the paint store, picked out a color, and headed home and I painted away! Our living room wall where our couch sits is separated into three pieces. The part where the couch sits is about 2 or 3 inces further out than the rest of the wall. This allowed us to break it up with color. We ended up getting a goldy, beige kind of color although the photos from my phone are a little off. 

I’m pretty happy how it turned out though! It’s nice to have a little bit of color! Check out the photos for the before, during and after :)

Anna OsgoodbyComment