10 Reasons it's Good to be a Seahawks Fan

It’s no secret that this has been an extraordinary year to be a Seahawks fan! A 13-3 regular season record, a play-off win under our belt, a new world record for the loudest stadium, and all of the great successes by our guys and coaching staff. To celebrate our last Blue Friday before the NFC Championship game this weekend, I wanted to point out some of the reasons why it’s truly good to be a Seahawks fan.

1.) Our stadium is so loud, we hold the world record at 137.6 dbA! Not only is our stadium so loud that you can hardly hear yourself think, but it’s so loud that we literally cause earthquakes aka Beastquakes! LOUDER! 2.) Our fans are dedicated to their team spirit! Decked head-to-toe in Blue, green and grey!

The Seahulk spends 3 hours getting ready before each game he goes to! Now that is dedication. 

3.) We have Seahawks ponies! If Tinkerbell and Prince Charming from Dreamland Ponies aren’t the coolest 12th man animals, I don’t know what is. Can’t get enough of them!

4.) Derrick Coleman’s story inspires us all to do what we’ve been told we couldn’t. To not give up! And, if you haven’t seen his Duracell commercial yet, click on this picture for the link. It will give you chills. 

5.) CenturyLink Stadium stands above all stadium food options. Longhorn BBQBeecher’sSeattle DogsIvars, craft beer.. I mean what do we not have? We even have a churro food runner walking through the sections! Oh and don’t let me forget this bad boy… The Beast Burger. Inspired by our own, Marshawn Lynch!

6.) The 12th man is strong, coast to coast. So strong that you can find a dedicated Seahawks bar in almost whatever state you find yourself in. Shout-out to New York’s own, Carlow East in my neighborhood!  

7.) We take home-field advantage very seriously and decided only 6 states were suitable to get first grabs at tickets for the NFC Championship! Keeping CenturyLink stocked with 12s!

8.) Blue Friday! We have a whole day dedicated to showing our team spirit and fans aren’t the only ones getting involved. Starbucks in Seattle has jumped in on the action and is offering 12 cent drinks to everyone in their gear before the championship game (That’s today BTW)!

9.) We’re using our fan-power for good by having a competition between which home city can raise the most money for their local children’s hospital before game day. An anonymous donor and both teams have also pledged to match up to $100,000 for each side too. Do it for the kids guys!

10.) And most importantly, being apart of the 12th man makes us all part of a family. It doesn’t matter where you are, when you see another person sporting Seahawks gear, you can’t help but feel a connection! Through the wins and losses we support our guys and are all thankful for such a great season. 

Now let’s go out and get the 49ers this weekend! GO HAWKS!