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It’s Tax Season!

It’s tax season! Everyone’s favorite time of the year.. right?! Yeah, probably not. It’s probably not the top thing on your list of things to research when considering moving to the city, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s a little different than other places — at least that I’ve lived in.

I didn’t know a lot about the tax system when I got my first job at 16 in Washington. All I knew was they seemed to take a lot out and not give you much back when it came time for my tax return. When I moved to Oregon, I paid a little more attention because not only was I getting taxed by the federal government, but I had my first experience with also paying state taxes. Obviously taxes are necessary and have their purpose but seeing both of those numbers on my paystubs was depressing!

Then I moved to NYC, where not only are you taxed by the federal and state government, but also the city! Say what!? Yep! Obviously they are smaller percentages than the federal taxes, but it’s still a nice little chunk, enough so that I thought it was something that was important to mention and the time seemed fitting. It’s definitely something to consider when you calculate the change of cost of living from wherever you’re moving, as well as when you go to negotiate a salary.

If you’re considering moving here, I definitely suggest comparing different cost-of-living calculations as well as looking at a paycheck calculator. Everyone knows it’s a pricy city to live in, but you want to make sure you know what you’re getting into before committing to a move! 

Bar Cart Loving

NYC Living :: Bar Cart Loving

My bar cart dreams have come true! I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but do a search for bar carts and the prices can easily scare you away! That is until I found out about this little pretty baby from Target! Thank goodness for Target taking trendy pieces and making them affordable. I got even more lucky too because Chris actually gave it to me as a gift! Double score!

NYC Living :: Bar Cart Loving

I was kind of picky in the kind of bar cart I wanted because I really loved the vintage look compared to more modern looking ones. This one was perfect because it has a brass look and is the perfect size. Not only because I literally had just the right amount of space in my living room, but also because it’s big enough to hold a decent amount of stuff, but not too bulky that it takes up the whole room, which is essential in a NYC apartment!

NYC Living :: Bar Cart Loving

Aside from the actual bar cart itself though, we all know the real gem of a cart is the styling! This gift wasn’t exactly a surprise, so I started stowing away some finds before its arrival. My friends thought the idea of the cart was a little comical since I’m not much of a drinker, but come on guys, it’s a statement piece! Definitely one of my favorites in the apartment now too!

NYC Living :: Bar Cart Loving

I was totally that girl who walked into the wine store on a mission. Not a mission to find the best wine, but instead the cutest bottles. I got a few weird looks walking around the store, but I put that past me once I hit the Moscato section! If you’re going for the cute factor, I definitely suggest checking out this section! Two cute wine bottles and a mini champagne for $28 and I was on my way — below budget even!

NYC Living :: Bar Cart Loving

Of course, the alcohol isn’t the only thing that goes on the cart so here is a complete rundown of what’s on mine! In case you want to get the look for yourself ;-)

  • Cake stand :: TJ Maxx — maybe not totally traditional, but I wanted some height and this piece does the job. You never know when my bar cart might turn into a dessert cart too ;-)
  • Gold tray :: TJ Maxx — I got a classic square gold tray for dirt cheap and lined it with a bright wrapping paper for some extra color
  • Gold glasses :: TJ Maxx (Clearly I like TJ’s!) — I’m obsessed with these. I actually found them around Christmas time and couldn’t snag them fast enough.
  • Paper coasters :: Home Goods — These were another Christmas find. I snagged a couple sets as gifts and then ended up having to go back and search if I could find some for myself because I loved them so much.
  • Paper straws :: Michaels — This is just an essential for a bar cart… I’m not sure I actually like drinking out of them, but they’re cute and fabulous
  • Martini shaker :: gift — My mom got me this and it goes with my little theme just perfectly! No bar cart is complete without a shaker!
  • Hedgehog planter :: West Elm — This was actually a gift too, but I’ve been obsessing over wanting this little guy for awhile and thought he looked nice there.
  • Bar cart print :: Etsy — This print is from this great Etsy shop! All I had to do was pop it in a cute frame and it became a great focal point.
  • Weiner dog salt shakers :: gift — This was another gift (thanks for all the great gifts guys!) I know they actually have a real function, but I just thought they were too cute to not be on display!
  • Gold candles :: Target — These were a great find! The bottom is dipped in gold just like my gold glasses!
  • Gold banner :: Michaels — This was a little DIY. I really like the banner look, but wanted a gold one so I got a little creative with gold tinsel, hot glue, gold ribbon, and washi tape. This took me more time than I thought it would to make, but the end result was worth it!
  • Decanter and wine glasses :: Chris’ family — An essential part of the function to the cart! When you have wine, you need some glasses and a decanter!

And that’s it! I had so much fun putting together things for my cart and can’t wait to see how I’ll use it in the future!

Rocky on Broadway

NYC Living :: Rocky on Broadway

It was a monumental weekend guys.. I went to my first Broadway show since living in the city! I know.. I know… it’s been a long time coming! 

NYC Living :: Rocky on Broadway

After hearing nothing but absolutely GREAT things about Rocky Broadway, I decided it was time to get myself to the theatre! I’m not a huge musical or Broadway kind of person, so Rocky seemed like a fitting choice. 

NYC Living :: Rocky on Broadway

And let me tell you… The show was phenomenal! The portrayal of the storyline, the acting, and holy moly let’s talk about the set design. It was truly amazing. If you’re in the city and even thinking about seeing the show, book tickets - you won’t regret it. Chris and I were truly blown away. They really went above and beyond on this one! It’s a really great choice for anyone who is a fan of the movies or anyone who isn’t a huge Broadway fan but wants to see a show. There’s was quite the mix of people at the show which made it pretty cool. 

I don’t want to spoil too much, but I will say the end of the show is nuts! The audience really gets into it and they escort the first 5 rows or so up on onto stage in bleacher seats, while the fighting ring moves to the center of the theatre. I don’t even know how they pulled off the last few scenes so smoothly. Seriously. Just go see it ;-)

NYC Living :: Rocky on Broadway

After the show, we thought it was only fitting to play a tribute to the show by heading to the best Philly cheesesteak shop in the city - in my humble opinion - Shorty’s!

NYC Living :: Rocky on BroadwayNYC Living :: Rocky on Broadway

This trip, we went with the mozzarella triangles and we split one of their honey chipotle cheesesteaks and then (my favorite) buffalo chicken steak. I’m telling you, their steaks are the best I’ve ever had. Definitely order their italian fries too.. Mmm, the perfect pairing for your sandwiches.

A pretty good day to celebrate Philly if you ask me!